Project Gravity

The movie Gravity was a work of fiction. But the dangers shown were very real. My name is Sourabh. I’m 23. And I have a solution to clean up Space Debris.

  • 28.70% Funded
  • INR 28700.00 Pledged
  • 18 Days to Go

The Roadtrip Experience

The Roadtrip Experience project is a creative collaborative travel experiment that brings creative entrepreneurs, musicians, filmmakers, photographers & other creative individuals together on a Roadtrip to Himalayas.

  • 17.56% Funded
  • INR 7900.00 Pledged
  • 0 Days to Go

Bombay Cab Sessions

To discover and share the worlds best music, in the most intimate of settings. A web-series where every week a new musical genius will be given a platform to reach the masses. After all, one take is all it takes.

  • 4.93% Funded
  • INR 7400.00 Pledged
  • 28 Days to Go


Set in the pristine hills of Kanu, Himanchal Pradesh, MERAKI aims to become a first-of-its-kind arts residency in India.

  • 12.97% Funded
  • INR 259500.00 Pledged
  • 3 Days to Go

A Straight Proposal

‘A Straight Proposal’ is a play that talks about the LGBT community of India. Help us tell a beautiful story.

  • 40.40% Funded
  • INR 40400.00 Pledged
  • 0 Days to Go


The DIY Day is a day long festival, working towards promoting and celebrating the independent art movement in Delhi.

  • 105.17% Funded
  • INR 63100.00 Pledged
  • 0 Days to Go

Flint Generation

Flint generation is a bi-annual conference organized by the Flint Foundation that aims to make a difference – one life at a time.

  • 100.00% Funded
  • INR 115000.00 Pledged
  • 0 Days to Go

Pagla Dot In [FLEX]

When was the last time you felt a conflict with yourself? And when was the last time you wanted to passionately pursue a path in life but external forces made you pick another one? Life, it is said, is all about trade-offs. We are asked to make choices all the time. But often, the choices we finally make are not ours, but society’s. Welcome to an exploratory journey called Pagla dot In.

  • 60.00% Funded
  • INR 6000.00 Pledged
  • 0 Days to Go

Taan Bekro [FLEX]

ताण बेकरो (Music of the Sand) is a showcase of the life of Rajasthan’s Sapera tribe – the story of their existence that is on the verge of extinction. Help us tell a story that can make a difference.

  • 110.00% Funded
  • INR 88000.00 Pledged
  • 0 Days to Go

Kalyaanam [FLEX]

We present to you a riveting 10 minute feature about the hopes, expectations and apprehensions that surround the great Indian wedding.

  • 100.80% Funded
  • INR 50400.00 Pledged
  • 0 Days to Go