SRIJAN – Formula Student Team

Were you a college student some time?? Did your college days pass like a breeze, hands tied courtesy term exams and characterized by an intangible attraction to the couch? Did that desire to create remain at just that..a desire? Help us do what you didn’t..ignite innovation, patronize passion and satiate our need to create..nothing like reliving those days, right??

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Project Gravity-2

Project Gravity

The movie Gravity was a work of fiction. But the dangers shown were very real. My name is Sourabh. I’m 23. And I have a solution to clean up Space Debris.

  • 41.20% Funded
  • INR 41200.00 Pledged
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The Roadtrip Experience

The Roadtrip Experience project is a creative collaborative travel experiment that brings creative entrepreneurs, musicians, filmmakers, photographers & other creative individuals together on a Roadtrip to Himalayas.

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Bombay Cab Sessions

To discover and share the worlds best music, in the most intimate of settings. A web-series where every week a new musical genius will be given a platform to reach the masses. After all, one take is all it takes.

  • 70.27% Funded
  • INR 105400.00 Pledged
  • 14 Days to Go


Set in the pristine hills of Kanu, Himanchal Pradesh, MERAKI aims to become a first-of-its-kind arts residency in India.

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A Straight Proposal

‘A Straight Proposal’ is a play that talks about the LGBT community of India. Help us tell a beautiful story.

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The DIY Day is a day long festival, working towards promoting and celebrating the independent art movement in Delhi.

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Flint Generation

Flint generation is a bi-annual conference organized by the Flint Foundation that aims to make a difference – one life at a time.

  • 100.00% Funded
  • INR 115000.00 Pledged
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Rhythm of Love

Eddie and Cindy are college students who have found their true love in each other. Everything is going well and then comes the prom night. What happens on that night which changes everything between this couple? Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes as you will find yourself transformed, from an audience into an artist yourself.

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Pagla Dot In [FLEX]

When was the last time you felt a conflict with yourself? And when was the last time you wanted to passionately pursue a path in life but external forces made you pick another one? Life, it is said, is all about trade-offs. We are asked to make choices all the time. But often, the choices we finally make are not ours, but society’s. Welcome to an exploratory journey called Pagla dot In.

  • 60.00% Funded
  • INR 6000.00 Pledged
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